Company Profile
Al Kout Industrial Projects Company (AIP), formerly known as Ahlia Industrial Projects Company, was established in 1993 to carry out industrial investments in the State of Kuwait. The first was the Chlor-Alkali operation following the purchase of the former PIC Salt and Chlorine plant in July 2000, thus being the first privatized industrial company in Kuwait. Since acquiring the plant, production capacity has been more than doubled and the plant critical systems completely modernized. In 2002, AIP became a closed shareholding company listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange.
The Chlor-Alkali process starts with the electro dialysis of seawater to make brine, a concentrated salt solution. Pure salt is then produced through vacuum distillation and further processing. AIP’s salt is food grade and is used in applications such as table salt, food preparation and oil drilling. However, most of the salt produced is used internally as raw material for Chlorine, Caustic Soda, and Sodium Hypochlorite. These products are essential for the supply of safe drinking water and effective cooling water. Public utilities around the Gulf region rely on AIP as a dependable source of supply.
The fastest-growing product in the Chlor-Alkali portfolio is Hydrochloric Acid. It is used in oil drilling, chemical processing and a range of other industries. In response to strong demand across the region, AIP expanded its capacity threefold in 2003. AIP also exports very high purity Hydrogen.
AIP provides free training and unrivalled technical assistance to all its major customers around the Middle East. The company’s main objective is to ensure that all its products not only arrive safe, but that they are carefully handled and fully satisfy the customer’s needs after they have been delivered.
The safe delivery and professional handling of AIP products is a crucial goal that led to the creation of Al Kout Logistics Transport Company (ALTC) in 2004, formerly known as Ahlia Logistics and Transport Company. ALTC provides comprehensive logistics solutions, which include local and regional trucking services, international freight forwarding and customs clearance. ALTC specializes in the safe handling and prompt delivery of various hazardous as well as non hazardous products across the Middle East. ALTC has the ability to transport in different forms, such as liquid, bulk, loose, palletized, and containerized cargo.
In 2006, Al Kout commissioned the Champion oilfield chemical blending plant (water and solvent based) to produce a range of oilfield products to meet the requirements of the oil sector under the company name Al Kout Petrochemical Products Company (APPC).

12.05.2013: Distrubution of Dividends
Al Kout Industrial Projects Co. will distribute cash dividends to registered shareholders

Al Kout Industrial Projects Co. will distribute cash dividends to registered shareholders as at the date of the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting in the equivalent amount of 40% of the nominal value of the shares, 40 Fils per share,on Sunday,May12, 2013, at the Company’s head office in Kuwait City–Qiblah -Fahad Al Salem Street- Second Floor - Behind Muthanna Complex (Tel:22406295-22406198).